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Since 1995, C and I Group has been boasting excellence in offering end-to-end quality assurance (QA) testing and calibration services to businesses across multiple industries (private and government) pan-India. C AND I Group has won prestigious awards at national and international level for its commitment to quality control and assurance. Continuing the legacy, the parent firm has branched out to GoodYou Foods in the first quarter of 2023. 

People purchase spices and herbs to complement their platters or stimulate their taste buds. However, most barely know how these food enhancers have influenced various cultures and traditions worldwide. So, what if people get to know some eyebrow-raising, exciting facts from around the world with the products they buy? 

Enters GoodYou Foods! 

Just like historical monuments or inanimate objects, we believe that cuisines and culinary traditions must be recognized as intangible cultural heritages.  

The basil pesto you spread on a regular bread slice or the cinnamon you add to your morning coffee has way more social and cultural significance than you could’ve fathomed. 

At GoodYou Foods, we offer herbs and spices that symbolize cultural exchange between countries across continents. In other words, we prepare products as well as transmit knowledge among the masses to flex their brain muscles and enrich their experience. 

Today, consumers increasingly demand healthier eatables and a closer connection to primary food producers, i.e., farmers. GoodYou Foods truly respects the sentiment. Our supply chain – from sourcing to production – is entirely based on AGROECOLOGY. 

By employing agroecology, we aim to shorten the distance between agriculture and final consumption. As such, we ensure that farmers’ products reach directly to buyers while guaranteeing consumers top-notch quality and freshness. A win-win for everybody!

Besides, under agroecology, we directly source raw materials from self-help agencies, NGOs, and local farmers. No more middle-persons eating up commissions. Focusing on indigenous innovation and conventional practices helps boost the economy and resilience of local communities even during unfavorable times.

Moreover, we team up with farmers who do not battle nature with harmful chemical inputs and implement eco-friendly farming techniques, including biological pest control, crop rotation, and conservation tillage. 

In a nutshell, GoodYou Foods functions with sustainability at the center, supporting small farms, enlightening consumers – and worshipping nature.

Our Mission

We aim to:

  • Set up a pipeline of food products packed not just with scintillating flavors but also with instant dashes of knowledge. 
  • Enable healthier societies by bringing them closer to the food they intake. 
  • Optimally use nature’s goods and services without exploiting them.
  • Build on ancestral knowledge and customs.
  • Contribute to the local economy by offering a level playing field for smallholder farmers.
  • Empower the underserved sections of society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to:

  • Infuse nutrition, alongside wisdom, into people’s lives through our unique, best-in-breed product range. 
  • Experiment with numerous concepts of agroecology.
  • Preserve agrobiodiversity.
  • Ensure more inclusivity and equitable participation of all people, irrespective of anything, in the supply chain.
  • Reduce economic uncertainty for all relevant stakeholders
  • Establish long-term stickiness with both our people and our consumers based on mutual benefit and trust.
  • Use highest standard in quality control with cutting edge technology focusing on sustainable manufacturing
  • In doing so, we intend to become the world’s go-to herbs, spices and healthy foods brand.

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